NJSIAALogo1The following NFHS rules have been modified by the NJSIAA for the 2013-2014 Ice Hockey Season. A link to download this document is at the bottom of the page. Also included are the official Overtime/Shoot-out procedures for the 2013-14 season.


2013-2014 Ice Hockey Rules Modification

Rule 1-4 Goal Crease
The NFHS goal crease shall not be required in a rink for a contest to be played. Contests shall be permitted to be played in rinks which have truncated “NHL style” goals creases. Contests played with “NHL Style” goal creases shall utilize the truncated crease for that contest.

Rule 1-9-2 Player’s Bench
The number of team personnel permitted to occupy the team bench area shall be unlimited.

Rule 2-4-2 Starting Lineups
Teams shall be allowed a one minute warm up skate between periods. During this warm up period, no pucks shall be allowed on the ice.

Rule3-4-3 Required Equipment (NEW)
Throat/Neck protectors shall be required for each player. Throat/Neck protector shall not be modified from its original manufactured state and shall be worn in the manner the manufacturer intended it to be worn.
Penalty: First offense, Misconduct; Further Offense, Game Misconduct. Goalkeeper: Minor

Rule 3-4-4 Protective Equipment (Revised)
All players must have dental guards which are attached to their face masks. The dental guards must not be altered from the manufacturer’s original specification. A player who loses his/her dental guard during play shall be permitted to complete his/her playing shift without it. During the next stoppage of play, it shall be the responsibility of the player, not the referee, to immediately retrieve their dental guard.
Penalty: First offence, Team Warning; Subsequent Team Violations, Misconduct.

Rule 6-35 Start of Game and Periods/Pregame Warm-Up
Ice resurfacing shall not be allowed between the pregame warm up and the first period. “Dirty ice” may be utilized for warm up however, the first period shall commence immediately after the conclusion of warm up. For violation of this rule, the offending team(s) shall be assessed a minor penalty and the incident shall
be reported to the NJSIAA office.

Rule 6-37-3 Time of Game
Upon completion of the second period or, at any time during the third period, if there is a ten goal differential, the game shall end immediately and will be considered complete.

Rule 6-38 Tied Games
There shall be no overtime periods except in league playoffs, regular season tournaments, the NJSIAA state tournament or when playing out of state. For games that require a team to advance, a 15 minute overtime and shootout procedure must be used. For final or championship games, a 15 minute overtime must be used. A shootout shall not be allowed.

Rule 11-11 Game Management
Adult supervision shall be required at the scorer’s/game Time Keepers Table for the duration of the game. This Adult shall Not be an Athletic Trainer.

Rule 11-12 Game Management
A minimum of two (2) On Ice Game Officials must be assigned to all Varsity Interscholastic Games and Scrimmages.

NJSIAA Ice Hockey Rule Mod and OT Shoot-Out 2013-2014